It’s actually very easy to find a free sex buddy

If you’re trying to find a fuckbuddy let me get the cat out of the bag: it’s actually easier than you think. The reality is that there are fuckbuddies in your area and to make matters even better they are ready, willing and eager to have sex with you as evidenced by Supply is not the problem. You have to remember that women have needs just as guys. A lot of guys find this hard to believe. A lot of guys subscribe to the outdated virgin-whore duality when it comes to women. In their minds women are either whores or virgins. They are either their mothers and sisters or they’re prostitutes. This kind of duality, this kind of black and white thinking has no place in reality. If you subscribe to that kind of thinking don’t be surprised that you’re not getting as much pussy as you should be getting.

Seriously. The only person sabotaging you is yourself. The only person that you can blame is yourself is because you hang on to such bullshit thinking. If you are serious about your efforts to find a fuckbuddy you need to let go of these outdated ideas. Always remember that all women are looking for sex. That’s right. This includes nuns. This includes Buddhist female monks. This includes chicks in prison. Why? We’re all human beings. Human beings have drive. Just are you are driven to thirst and hunger you’re also driven to fuck.

So if you are able to wrap your mind around that then it doesn’t take much of a rocket scientist to figure out that the demand is there. So if you’re able to truly believe that then you can achieve your dream of finding a fuckbuddy. There’s no need to overthink things. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Just let the math work wonders for you. Okay? So let’s keep it nice and simple. Believe and you will achieve.

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